What To Do With Yourself Now That Love Island Has Finished

It’s taken over our lives for the last two months. We’ve all made sure we’re on the sofa with an abundance of snacks at precisely 9pm to get us through the full hour of the emotional rollercoaster that is, Love Island.

Now that the complete and utter initial shock of Jack and Dani being crowned this years’ winners has worn off, we’ve got just one question...
What do we do with our lives now!?

Those who have resisted the excitement and allure of reality TV (we envy you, truly), would have been doing something productive with all of those hours, we’re going to take a leaf out of their book and let you know what you can get on with now it’s all over, because we’re loyal, babe.

1. Sort out your September! Where’s your head out?
If this year was your last at school, which means your GCSE results day is coming up very soon. Do you know what you’re doing in September? Are you staying on at school, going to College or have you sorted out an apprenticeship? Whether you want to follow in the medical footsteps of Dr Alex or nuclear engineering like Wes, it’s time to think about what qualifications you need to get to where you want to be. Take a look at our Course Finder to choose your perfect course! Not sure what that is yet? Why not pull our Careers Advisors for a chat to discuss!

2. Get some experience
Summer is the perfect time to fit in some work experience or volunteering, which look great on your CV and application. Unfortunately we can’t all go on two month, all expenses paid holidays, but using your free time wisely will pay off later down the line.

3. Couple up with your friends for a farewell!
It’s likely that you will be going your separate ways from some of your school friends, so make sure you make the most of summer and make some memories to last. Concerned about missing your friends? Check out one student’s experience of keeping in touch with school friends and making new ones.

4. Clear your head - then get learning!
Now that our evenings are Love Island-less, there’s plenty of time to invest in learning something new. Check out our range of part-time courses that mostly take place in the evenings, the perfect solution to take your mind off of missing your favourite TV show. 
It may be over for another year, but at least we'll always have this...


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