Top 10 Tech Gifts for Christmas 2017

Christmas is a’coming and the panic buying of Christmas presents has most likely already begun. To save you trawling the shopping centres for hours on end, our IT apprentices have done the hard work for you, and come up with some great gadgets for the tech lovers in your lives.

They've even given you a rundown of the products and their own expert opinion - lucky you! 

10. Tassimo Coffee Machine selected by Maxim Salamon, IT apprentice at Milton Keynes College.
The Tassimo coffee machine is very good as it allows me to quickly make a cup of coffee when I need it. It is very simple to use, plus there is a wide range of Coffee pods so there is always something for every occasion. Priced around £74.49.
9. Amazon Firestick as chosen by George Hudson, IT apprentice at Mirus IT.
With the Amazon Fire Stick you have access to movies, TV programmes and even Amazon exclusives. You also have access to apps such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix. With the brand new Alexa Voice Control Remote you can control this all with just your voice - great for when you’re suffering from a food coma after Christmas lunch. Priced between £29 and £39 [£30 with Alexa voice control].
8. Philips Hue Lights as selected by Kyle Smith, IT apprentice at Carey Pensions.
This is my gadget of choice because it means I can control all of my lights from my phone. I can make them change colour to music and also slowly turn on to imitate sunlight as my alarm goes off. Also during different events I can change the lights to match the season. For example at Christmas I can make the lights to red and help everyone get into Christmas spirit. Ranging from £170 with three light bulbs, switch and hub.
7. Anker Soundcore 2 Speakers selected by Ross Wilson, IT apprentice at ICAEW.
This speaker is loud, wireless and waterproof. With 24 hours battery life, you can take this portable speaker with you to the beach, hiking, camping, or at home in the shower. You can connect your phone using Bluetooth, and send your music straight to it, or use a cable. Prices range from £30-£45.
6. Anker PowerCore Portable Battery as chosen by Andre Rawlence, IT apprentice at Beardow Adams.
I recommend the Anker PowerCore portable battery range. Portable batteries come in extremely handy when travelling to visit friends and family over the festive season. Most of them can power multiple devices at once, with varying capacities depending on price. Price range: £9.99 - £49.99
5. Sennheiser Headphones HD 4.50 BT available with or without Active Noise Cancelling as chosen by Jordan Martin, at IT apprentice at Mirus IT.
When something is produced by Sennheiser you know that you are going to get your money’s worth, and they will provide you with amazing sound quality with rich bass that mixes well with any genre of music. They are wireless which means whether you have a phone with or without a 3.5mm jack or USB C/Lighting port connections, they can be used. The active noise cancelling is great for drowning out any unwanted noise. They enable you to escape when you need a break from all the quality family time at Christmas. Prices range between £140-£170 with Active Noise Cancelling and £90-£130 without.
4. Amazon Echo as chosen by Maxim Salamon, IT apprentice at Milton Keynes College.
With an Amazon Echo you can utilise a range of different features including streaming music, asking questions such as "what is the weather like?" and "what are the current news headlines?". You can also control smart home devices such as Phillips Hue Light.
There are three different models: the Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot. The main difference is the height with the Echo Plus being 23.5cm, the standard Echo is 14.8cm tall and the Echo Dot is only 3.2cm tall. The sound quality for the Echo devices is different, I think the Echo Plus has the best sound quality out of the three.
Priced at around £34.99 for the Amazon Echo Dot, £69.99 for the Amazon Echo and £109.99 for the Amazon Echo Plus.
3. Nintendo Switch as chosen by Emil Stelmaszak, IT apprentice at TXM Plant.
The Nintendo Switch is a portable 3A console which allows you to play video games on the move. It’s the perfect choice for anyone that travels a lot or whose life relies on being on the move. This gift is especially effective when presented to young children due to a fine selection of family friendly games. Priced around £279 for the console. Bundle deals available with games included.
2. Chromium ATX Gaming PC desktop computer* as selected by Emil Stelmaszak, IT apprentice at TXM Plant.
A desktop computer is a great form of a centralised entertainment hub. With decent specifications, the Chromium ATX Gaming PC has enough power to pump out stunning visuals in all of the latest video games, as well as supporting media such as films, music and pictures. Purchasing a prebuilt desktop will set you back around £800. If you want to save money then you could have a custom built PC which will average at about £600-700 and buy the parts separately for an identical spec building your own desktop!
*A CHROMIUM ATX GAMING PC - INTEL CORE I3 8100 / I5 8400 which features a powerful CPU(i5 8400) + GPU(GTX1060 6GB) which is more than enough to suit anyone's needs. Priced around £700.
1. Chromecast, as chosen by all of the MK College IT apprentices.
Chromecast allows you to play media from apps like Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer to your TV using one button on your phone or laptop. It's great for binging on TV and movies with your family over the Christmas period. Price range: £15 - £30, but it could vary. 

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