Why Should I Study Higher Education at MK College?

So you've decided you want to study a higher education course? That's great! For some people, the typical uni lifestyle is the most alluring part of higher education, but for others it's simply about learning and getting the right qualifications at the end of it. Going to university has never been more expensive in the UK than it is today. 2017 saw the total student loan debt in the UK rise to over £100bn for the first time. Depending on your circumstances, you could end up with a debt anywhere between £22,000 - £50,000 according to university.which.co.uk. This is a combination of course fees and other general loans you often need to pay for accommodation, text books and possibly a few visits to the Student Union. You can find loads more information on student loans here
The government did recently announce that the student repayment threshold has now been raised from £21000 to £25000, which means you won't start paying back your debt until you earn an annual salary of £25000 and over, that is as long as you started your university course on or after 2012. "Too little too late" springs to mind, but thanks anyway guys! 
Despite the rising cost, rates of students studying at university level are still increasing, showing there's still a demand. However, the university lifestyle isn't for everyone. There are huge benefits to studying a Higher Education course at a local College, and we thought we'd be extra helpful and list them for you - just in case you're umm'ing and aah'ing. 

We've already spoken about the cost of university, and we're sure you're sick of hearing about it. Sadly we don't live in a country where Higher Education is free - but it doesn't have to leave you worried sick about debt. There is one very obvious perk to living at home whilst studying: it's free! You can still apply for maintenance loans and bursaries, supporting you in purchasing text books and any other materials you may need. You will also be able to save for your future - although you may want to contribute to things in your parents house nWhy_Study_at_MK_College_Facebook_Posts6ow that you're a grown-up and all, you'll still have money to save, whether it's for your first home, moving away for your dream job or investing it in something that's going to improve your career prospects. 
Studying Higher Education at MK College means much smaller class sizes, but the same high standard of teaching and learning environments. This means no huge uncomfortable lecture halls, endlessly staring at PowerPoints. You will instead be taught in small groups in creative and stimulating environments. You'll also meet like-minded people who have the same passion for the subject as you do. You don't have to worry about missing out on making new friends or new experiences, you can still have the social life of a University student, as you'll be surrounded by fellow students. 
Milton Keynes is home to some of the biggest businesses in this country. Santander, Home Retail Group, Network Rail, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Financial Services are all based in Milton Keynes, with loads of other tech start-ups, digital agencies, creative studios and charities based here. We have an abundance of industry links in and around Milton Keynes. We work very closely with companies such as Movey, MK Dons, Bletchley Park, Rightmove, westfourstreet, Bobcat Digital, P J Care, Thames Why_Study_at_MK_College_Facebook_Posts3Valley Police, Westbury Arts Centre, and many more. As well as College links, our individual tutors have vast contacts within their respective industries. On your course you will most likely complete work experience, meaning these links will be vital to you finding a company you'd like to work with, and maybe even secure a position with after completing your course. 
Studying a HND in Engineering? You'll learn in our Innovation & Technology Centre. HNC in Graphic Design? You'll use industry standard software in our creative studio. Every course we offer has its own specialist centre or area, which includes industry standard equipment. We haveWhy_Study_at_MK_College_Facebook_Posts2 three campuses, Chaffron Way, Bletchley and Silbury. All three campuses have had recent refurbishments with modern classrooms, attractive grounds and a variety of cafes to choose from. We have a Study Centre and Learning Resources Centre full of textbooks and computers you can use at your disposal. We also have three commercial centres that offer training, including our in-house restaurant, The Brasserie, our salon the Graduate Salon, and the Early Years Nursery. For more information Why_Study_at_MK_College_Facebook_Posts4on our facilities, take a look here
All of our higher education qualifications feature units that are relevant to the industry today, not five years ago. With technology and the way we live forever progressing and changing, it's important our education stays up to date, preparing you to go straight into work knowing what to expect. Work experience and getting to know your chosen industry is a huge factor, giving you the best chance to secure employment upon completion of your course. A lot of our courses are affiliated with local universities, including the University of Bedfordshire or the University of Northampton. Smaller class sizes mean a better relationship with the tutors, meaning you'll have more support, focus, and a better understanding of what working in the industry is really like. 
Interested? Take a look at the higher education courses we offer
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