Your Guide to Applying For Milton Keynes College

So you've decided on coming to Milton Keynes College. We must say, you're great at making decisions! The only thing left to do is to actually apply - and then you're done!
So there are a few stages to go through before you find out if you've got on to your desired course. We've pulled together an easy-to-read guide on getting your application in, what will happen at your consultation, and what to expect after. Aren't we kind?!
1.) Applicationmymkc
Now that you've decided what you want to study, or maybe you've got a few options as you can apply for more than one course on the same application. You can then make your decision when you get your exam results. The easiest way to apply is online, however you can fill out a paper application if you'd prefer, we don't mind either way. To apply online, you first need to create a 'My MKC' account. You'll need to fill out your personal details so we can keep you updated, and you'll also be able to save your application and come back to it later. There are five essential sections for you to fill out. The first is your personal details, which you will pass with flying colours. You'll then need to fill out the Equal Opportunities section, in which you can state if you have a disability we need to be aware of, if you have a learning difficulty, and things like that that we need to know. Next up is your education history. Now the likelihood is that you haven't even done your GCSE exams yet, let alone got the results. You are able to put in your predicted grades, so our tutors can see what kind of level you're working at. The next section will allow you to list any additional courses you want to apply for, and the last section is a declaration, essentially you signing your application off and telling us that everything is true to the best of your knowledge. That's it - you've applied!
2.) Consultation
Whatever course(s) you apply for, you will have an interview - or consultation, as we like to call them. It's not exactly the same as going for a job interview but there are some similarities. You won't be expected to be an expert in the subject you want to study, that will come after! You will however need to demonstrate your interest and motivation for the subject, think of it more as an informal discussion about whether the course and the College are right for you. We also want to make sure we provide you with the best experience possible and help you make your first steps towards your future. Simon Cohl, head of school of business and management, said: "We use the consultation process to see the applicant as a whole person, rather than a series of application form notes and exam grades. So we are looking for candidates who are confident, personable and can engage in a conversation with the interviewers, rather than someone who can churn out stock interview phrases".
3. Discovery Day
You will be invited to attend a course-related induction day. On this day you will meet your future tutors, see inside the classrooms and potentially meet the people you'll be spending the next year/two years of your life with. You'll be able to experience a full day in College, find out what our cafes and canteens offer, and just generally get to know the environment. 
4. Your First Day
Your first week will involve lots of induction sessions, settling you into your new life and routine, including your timetable, and getting to know your way around your new home for the next few years! You will probably already know that you won't be required to be in College all day every day, so you'll have much more independent time. If you feel a bit lost or out of place, please don't worry. You must remember that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is new, everyone is nervous, and you are not alone! 
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