Dedicate More Time to the Subject You Love

With February being the month of love, what with Valentine's Day and all, we want to focus on the things that we really care about. 

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular career, or if you’re absolutely devoted to something, whether you’ve been dreaming of the West End since you were little or are itching to create your own websites, to get to where you want to be you will need a combination of academic knowledge and vocational experience.

To study what you love exclusively and in depth is a rare opportunity, and the fact that you can do it for free up until the age of 18 is a bonus. Who wouldn’t want to become qualified in what they love? You know what they say, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life… or something like that. 

Say you’ve got your heart set on becoming a sports therapist. You’ve always been in to sport, and want to get into the industry. The best way to learn how to do a practical job is to actually practice doing it, and learn how to face real life situations you would encounter as a professional sports therapist, as well as learning other skills such as communication, health and safety and how to behave in a working environment. The same goes for any industry – if you want to be a nurse, whether through studying at University or doing work based qualifications, you need as much work experience and as many practical skills as you can get.

Passion and dedication are essential to any career, but the one thing that really ignites your passion for a subject or a particular industry, is actually experiencing it for yourself. Learning the theory is all well and good; however, you really start to learn when you manage to complete a medical procedure on a patient who needs your help, or step out on the stage to an audience for the first time. Vocational qualifications offer you the opportunity to gain work experience and practical skills, as well as academic and theoretical knowledge, which are vital if you want a successful career.

BTEC qualifications are the ideal place to achieve, be bold and be you, giving you the opportunity to surround yourself with what you love, meeting people with the same level of dedication, and learning from people who have been there and done that hundreds of times before. 


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