Making the Transition to a Full-Time Apprentice

Working 9-5 as a way to make a living does have its perks.
Once you’ve been told “you’re hired”, going from being in education for a few hours a day with days off during the week, to working for a solid eight hours a day five days a week is not an easy transition for anyone. Even with previously having a part-time job, adjusting to the number of hours can definitely be a challenge, however it doesn’t come without its rewards. 

Having started in my apprenticeship straight out from College which saw me have two days off a week and plenty of time to go to the gym and socialise, it’s fair to say that It took me a while to get used to my new routine. However as time went on I slowly grew used to the longer hours and how to fit my life around it. I felt that it taught me a crucial skill that all adults desperately need - time management.
Working 9-5 does have its perks, by default most employees are entitled to roughly 20+ days of holiday per year, plus bank holidays. This means you can pretty much take yours at any point as opposed to waiting for a half term. To top this off you also get your weekends to yourself. Whilst two days certainly isn’t a long amount of time, it certainly is enough to rest and recharge for another full week.
The entire transition prepares you for working life, and offers you a lot of essential life skills, and not just being able to get up early!


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