A Day in the Life: IT Apprentice

Ross Wilson, Application Support Apprentice at ICAEW gives us an insight into his average day at work, including how he makes sure to take the time to switch off from work, how he feels confident to ask for help from colleagues, and more.
"My morning begins at 7am when I get up and get dressed, gather my things like keys and key card and generally get ready for the day. I leave home at 7:45, drive to work and get to my desk by around 8:30. I check e-mails and take a look at what needs to be done that day, including working out what's a priority and what can wait until later. 

Today I’m working on calls and I’m a bit worried because lots have come in over the weekend. I'm unable to give specifics on actual jobs due to data protection, which is another major issue you have to consider when you work in the IT industry. There are lots of ways you can be in breach of policies and even the law without realising it. 
At lunch I sat at my desk, ate my food and read the news - it's good to switch off for a little while!

In the afternoon I was asked to perform a task in a program I hadn’t used before, I wasn’t sure so I asked my colleague on how best to tackle it. I find it easy to ask people for help as I'm confident in my ability to learn and grasp things quickly. 

I learnt how to use the programme properly through the course of the afternoon, allowing me to progress calls using this programme without assistance.

At the end of the day my boss asked me to send him a progress update, so I e-mailed him a list of calls I had actioned.

I got home at around 5pm and had dinner soon after. I then played games online with my friends, which is one of my main interests. I then relaxed with a movie, and got ready for the next day."
My desk set-up at work - two screens are the best!

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