A Day in the Life: Accounting Apprentice

Beth Delaney is currently an Accounts Assistant Apprentice at Volkswagen Financial Services, and gives us an insight into her daily life.
"I start my day by rolling out of bed and stumbling into the nicest outfit I can muster up. After eating breakfast and waking up, I realise maybe this bright orange jumper and light blue jean combination isn’t quite work appropriate, let alone fashionable... I change into something more suitable, like a pair of black jeans and boots and a smart, red jumper. My office is smart-casual, so I can relax a little with my attire.

I wait for my mum to collect me at around 8:20am. (I know, pure independence..)
I tend to get through the doors at 8:45, and once I’ve managed to climb two sets of Ben Nevis-style stairs, I reach my desk at 8:50 and I set up for the day.

My daily morning task is to complete unmatched cash reports that have generated overnight. These are usually three-four misallocated rental payments that I must match to the correct account and, similarly, three-four misallocated settlement payments. This is a lovely wake-the-brain-up task that sets me up for the day.

I then spend the day completing the tasks on my calendar, which is usually jam-packed. Currently this is with Modification training and Refund Exceptions; however in the past this has included various clearance and shortfall spreadsheets, and different department overviews, all of which are part of my continuous training. I complete any tasks the team would like me to work through as well, such as replying to emails that require bank details, or raising paper refunds.

We went for a team lunch today as my manager’s thank you to the team for the hard work last year, which was lovely. Usually I spend my lunch in the refreshment hub at work with the other apprentices, playing, and sometimes winning, a game of pool. Nevertheless this was a good opportunity to go out to lunch with my team members, and devour a chocolate brownie (more importantly the latter, speaking as a chocoholic).

Thankfully my mum has opted to pick me up this evening because it’s snowy and cold. So much for being a self-sufficient working woman, but if it means saving my hard earned pennies I’ll accept the embarrassment.

To round up, I have a picture of my amazing co-workers in the Customer Accounts Team. Of course we had a photo shoot, and we look fabulous."

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