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“How can I become a better manager?” Is a question you might be asking yourself if you have responsibility for other members of staff. Different managers have different approaches to, well, managing! But what management techniques are better than others, and how can you learn to be better?

January is the month of New Year’s resolutions and setting goals, with the motivation to be better being one of our greatest tools for success. Here at MK Business and Leadership we have recently seen a surge in businesses looking to upskill their staff, ranging from Team Leaders through to Chief Executives. We want everyone in the business world to get involved with our #bettermanagers campaign by taking our quiz and joining in on the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.
This year it is my own personal goal to improve on my leadership skills by becoming a better listener. Now I’ve actually written it here I’ll need to double my efforts! I also need to make sure that I cut down on the amount of times I use Alan Partridge quotes in meetings. I’ve got a horrible feeling that they amuse me and me alone.

I’m sure our Business Engagement and Commercial Delivery team will be keeping me on my toes with the launch of this campaign, and I’m sure I’m going to get #bettermanagers quoted back at me on more than one occasion.
This is the first of our monthly blogs and we're really excited to be sharing our knowledge and tips with you over the coming year. Look out soon for our series of Webinars that will be launching soon...
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