Applications Open: What's New This Year?

Applications for the academic year 19/20 are officially open! This means that if you're in Year 11 and are doing your GCSEs in the summer of 2019, you can now get your application in to start at MK College in September 2019. 
We're doing things a bit differently this year in a bid to make your application journey a lot easier and more straightforward. We just wanted to get everyone up to speed with the new order of things at MK College. 
We believe that in order to study a subject, you must be passionate about it. You'll notice that on our individual course pages, we talk a lot about the respective industry itself and the different career options it could offer you, as well as what you can expect to do on the course. 
So, what's new?
You'll notice that our courses aren't broken down by levels anymore. We have streamlined our course offering to allow you to apply for the subject you want to study without having any boundaries or levels to worry about. You can apply for the course area you're interested in, for example 'Media Production', and will then go through the application process as usual, where you can enter all of your details and predicted grades, and hit the 'apply' button. 
You will then be interviewed by a member of the respective team, who will evaluate your passion and knowledge in the area, take a look at your predicted grades, and help you work out which level would be best for you to start at. You may want to specialise in a particular area, which your interviewer can help you establish, making sure you're heading down the right path. All of our courses are available at a variety of levels, meaning there will be something for everyone. 
What about Entry Requirements?
As every subject area has different requirements for their courses, you will find out upon interview what GCSE grades you will need in order to start out at a specific level straight away. We encourage you to do as well as you can in your GCSEs as this will give you more options when you come to us. However, if you don't do as well as expected, we will support you in finding the right alternative for you, such as starting out at different level of study. If you do better than you thought in your exams, you will be able to enroll onto the appropriate level, regardless of your initial offer. 
Long story short, we've essentially removed the process of you having to apply for a specific level - we'll do the hard work for you! We just want to know what you're interested in, and how we can help you make that decision easier for you. 
If you have any questions at any point, please give a call to our admissions team on 01908 684551 or get in touch
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