10 Reasons Why You Should Come to College

Deciding what to do with your further education is one of the biggest decisions you can make at your age. It can determine what you do next, who you meet and the person you’ll become.

Deciding whether to come to College or stay on at your school is a big thing, and there's no right or wrong answer. We thought we'd be kind and help you out by giving you 10 different reasons as to why you should come to College, and how it can help you develop both personally and professionally. 
1. You’re considered and treated as an adult
At college you are expected to use your intuition to know how and when to study, as well as to behave like an adult. You will call your teachers by their first names, and can expect to be more independent with coursework. You will also have free periods where you will have to organise your time yourself, giving yourself enough time for studying and getting coursework done, as well as work experience, your social life and lots more.

2. Free time and independence
Unlike school, you won’t have the same lessons in the same place at the same time every week. You will have free periods and lessons at different times every day, meaning you will have more free time than you’re used to. It’s up to you how you spend your free time, but make sure it includes studying, work experience and of course, socialising. More free time ultimately means that you’re in charge of what you do – make sure you use it wisely.

fianncial.png3. Financial support
Your education is free up until you’re 19, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the equipment you might need is free, such as sports kit and text books. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for financial support in the form of a bursary, to help out with things like travel, buying text books and equipment and other course related costs. We also offer a Free College Meal Scheme, a Childcare Scheme and lots more – check out our dedicated page for loads more information and how to apply.

4. Industry savvy tutors9.png
If you’re going to learn anything, you want to learn it from people who actually know what they’re talking about, right? All of our tutors have vast experience in their respective industries, so you’ll be learning from people who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. They’ll also often have a huge selection of industry contacts, meaning you’ll have loads of work experience options and opportunities – take advantage of them while you can.

liveworkingenvironment.png5. Live working environments
Did you know we’ve got a commercial salon and restaurant where we deliver services to the public? Yes, real life people! We’ve also got a fully-functional motor vehicle unit, engineering and construction facilities, dance studios, a patisserie kitchen and loads more. Check out our facilities page for a full run-down. You can be confident that the spaces you learn in and the equipment you use are the same as what’s being used in industry.

6. More subjects to choose from subject.png
We offer over 50 full-time courses, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to study. We also offer courses at a variety of different levels so you can study at a pace that is right for you and give you the best chance of succeeding. The way you learn is also different to school, you’re given more independence and are required to go on work experience relevant to your course. There are also multiple options to progress in the College, with different levels of Higher Education courses available. We also offer a variety of apprenticeships with established companies in and around the local area.    

friends.png7. Make new friends and meet like-minded people
Starting somewhere new is always scary, whether you know people that will be there or not. One thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone in your induction group is new, and just as nervous as you are. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and most importantly make new long-lasting friends. 

8. Less formal and more professionallessformalmoreprofessional.png
You don’t have to wear a blazer and tie, you don’t have to call your teachers ‘miss’ and ‘sir’ anymore, and you no longer have to sit through assemblies. You do however have to organise your own time, behave like an adult and work much harder. You have chosen to be on your course, and will be expected to take every lesson seriously – after all, it’s only going to help you get to where you want to be.

studentcommunity.png9. Get involved – inclusive student community
Whether you’re looking to join a sports team, want to get involved with making a change in the College, or start a new hobby, there are loads of activities you can get involved with. This is also a great way to meet new people and take a hold of new opportunities. We also hold lots of events throughout the year; you could get involved with Student of the Year and Festival in the City. 

10. Work experience with local and national businessesWork-Experience.png
One of the most important things that employers and universities look for is work experience. They want to know that you have actively pursued what it is that you want to do, and that you’ve got evidence to back it up. Whether it’s spending a few Saturdays with a local salon, dedicating your half-term to helping out at a production studio, or spending your free periods volunteering with a construction company, college tutors have a vast amount of industry contacts, helping you to get your foot in the door of what you want to do
 Ready to find out more? Come along to one of our open events, or if you've already decided to become a Milton Keynes College student, get your application done and dusted. 


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